Alright, so I’m back in the Mountains and working on Archaeology. There’s a lot of work because of the fire last year, so it’s going to be a busy summer. The move in general was a kick in the groin and this won’t be making updating any easier. Especially since, at the moment anyway, I don’t have a super solid Internet connection (plenty of free wifi to hit up, but that’s not the most convenient thing for more right now). So here’s the main bits of news:

Update Schedule

We’re switching to Monday/Friday schedule with the occasional Wednesday if I can get something made or we hit some Patreon goals (more on that below). And just a head’s up – Monday/Friday meaning at some point during those days. I’m on West Coast time now but also a to-bed-early schedule for work and until the comic is earning more than my job, my job gets to dictate my schedule. Sorry, that’s just the way it goes.

Patreon Reward Changes

None really, but unless I can get the Internet at the house working, well, the $10+ reward of Google+ Hangout is up in the air as to how it’s going to work. Current possibilities are a stream just watching me draw with less chat (which kinda defeats the idea of a “hangout”) or me finding someplace and just chatting without drawing as most of my options may be outside of coffee shops or libraries after they close, sitting in my car. There’s a POSSIBILITY of being able to draw outside of one of them, so there would be drawing and chat but also the possibility of… “Surprise guests” walking by. We’ll play this by ear but it’s important everyone in the $10+ pledge levels let’s me know when they’re available for a hangout as soon as possible after the 1st of the month.

**Okay, so because of the Internet thing, the activity stream gets even less attention that it already does, which I’m not to pleased about. I’ll do what I can to rectify that as well. My first focus is getting the comic done, I’ll make a note to screenshot the progress more often (or if people have other things they’d like to see in the Behind The Scenes/Activity Stream, let me know).

Patreon Goals

Straightforward: I’ve switched out some of the Patreon Goals. Now at the $500, $1000, and $1500 marks, we’re getting, for sure, three updates a week. Hitting those goals means I’m more easily able to pass up overtime, and maybe take some days off here and there, to focus on getting comic work done.

Let me know if there’s any questions, anything I can clarify. Thanks for the patience during all this moving and all the support I’ve gotten. It really means a lot.