Finally, here’s my quick write up on Pokémon X/Y for those who have asked. Here’s also were we can all post our 3DS Friend Codes. (And before you ask, I don’t think until early next year I’ll be able to do another PokéDay, but I want to!) It took me a while because my work schedule has been so cray, I’ve only gotten a few hours of play time here and there, finally beating the Elite Four last weekend instead of my typical few days after starting. After also doing some post-game stuff, here’s some thoughts:

So once again, Ginger is the one playing the game. Which is great because of all the clothes options (I’ll get into this later). And OF COURSE, we chose Fennekin as the starter. After a couple restarts, we still kept getting a male Fennekin so in order to play the game instead of using up all the limited free time, we named him Autumn regardless and just refer to it as she/her. The rest of the team, by the way, is gonna be secret to make preparing for battle against Ginger more difficult. MWAHAHA! (It’s almost all Gen 6 though)

I love how the game looks. It’s pretty amazing. I think having a 3DS XL really helps with that. Looking at the DS Lite screen, I wonder how I ever played games on such small screens. Kalos is a fun region to run around in. The extra large dex and variety of Pokémon from various generations is nice, although I wouldn’t have minded more new Pokémon. The game did, however, seem a lot easier than previous games. I’m not sure if that’s just because I’ve now played *does a quick count* over a dozen Pokémon games or they actually made it easier. I mean, some of it is the latter, yes. EXP for catching mon, for example. I know a couple people complaining about the Exp. Share being for the whole party but come on, that’s how Exp. All in Red/Blue worked, only now you have an option to turn it off instead of putting in the PC. I stopped leveling at one point in case my team got too strong though because they were leveling pretty steadily. I also love the various references to other generations of Pokémon throughout the game by talking to NPCs and such, such as the shout out to Blue/Gary/DOUCHEBAG and “Smell ya later”.

Team Flare and the story this game… I felt was a little weaker. Maybe because of my rushed play due to limited gaming time I didn’t absorb it as much, but Team Flare is going to be one of the more forgettable teams for me. I’m more disappointed because I could see some larger story potential throughout the game but I think more time was spent focusing on changing from 2D to a 3D environment. They were probably also trying not to get too deep as it is still aimed primarily to a younger audience, but after Black/White and their touching on the morality of battling and B2/W2 following up on what happened later, I guess I was disappointed.

During the Post Game, I’ve slowly been working on the Pokédexes. I’ve been mostly trying to buy all the god damn clothes available. Seriously, I’ve been having far too much fun finding the best outfit combinations. Ginger is spending all her time in the post game working the Hotel Richissime and, equipped with Amulet Coin, the Battle Chateau earning money for this insane addiction. Playing around with a few hair styling trips has also been fun, although only a few come close to Ginger’s proper hair. If they do a Pokémon Z or Pokémon X2/Y2, more clothes and customization styles are going to need to be in there.

Overall, of course, I love the game. I’m going be needing to do some trading to get missing Pokémon and Mega Stones from Y (although the completionist is me doesn’t want to give up my Mega Stones…). And once we get the Poké Bank, I’ll be able to transfer over so many more things. Anyway:

FRIEND CODE: 4484-8539-7485 (The friend code is me, by Pokémon X is Ginger). I’ll be shown online for in pockets for a while, but at the moment, it’s just to register friends. I don’t really have time to battle or trade right now. Be sure to put your friend code in the comments (or DM me on Twitter or Tumblr if you don’t want to friend a bunch of strangers for some reason??)

Thanks for reading, and remember there’s a new comic coming on November 10th!