-Edit: PokéDay was fun! Thanks to everyone who made it out! If you couldn’t, I’m sorry you didn’t make it. Feel free to continue adding friendcodes to the comments however, I’ll add them as I see them and keep the game open once in a while for Friend Safari updates and the occasional battle!

Finally, after years of people asking for another one, we have another PokéDay finally upon us! What is PokéDay? When we can get together as a group for battles and trades and bullshitting. Find those missing mon in your Pokédex! Get more friend safaris! Battle Ginger! Listen to me swear as I fail to do Ginger justice and lose multiple battles! Fun times! Bring your friends!

Much like last time, we’ll be over on Ustream (so be sure to sign up to participate in the chat and make battle/trading easier!) where I’ll be hosting the stream and monitoring the chat. We’ll be starting approximately 2:00 PM US Eastern time and going for at least a couple hours. I’ll be playing only Pokémon X, however if you don’t have a 3DS or the Gen VI games, you’re more than welcomed to come hang out anyway. Others may be playing Gen IV or V games and we’d be happy to have you! (You can, of course, be playing Gen I, II, or III games but you can’t really play those over the Internet with others.) You don’t even need to play Pokémon if you just want to come and hang out! And feel free to bring your friends!

Battling/Trading Ginger:
At least for Ginger, I’ll be primarily doing standard single battles unless someone REALLY REALLY wants another type of battle. Might do level 50 caps (if they aren’t standard) because we don’t have a team of level 100s like some of you folks! Please don’t spam Ginger with battle/trade requests, I’ll be going back and forth between the two and will let people know in the chat (which will likely have a lag to audio!) what I’m doing and who’s up. I’ll write down a list in a notebook if need be! Also, we’ll limit it to one or two battles/trades at a time so if other people are waiting, they get a chance.

The don’t spam random folks with requests for battles/trade in the game should apply to everyone. We’re using Ustream so we have a chatroom to keep things simpler after all!

Friend Codes!
To make things easier, we’ll gather friend codes here in the comments of the post! I’ll add anyone I haven’t added already and here’s a chance to add other folks. Obviously, adding people on Sunday in the chat isn’t a problem, it just makes things easier to make friends beforehand! (If you’re going to be playing Gen IV or V games, post them as well and make sure you note them as such!)

My 3DS Friendcode is 4484-8539-7485

Add yours below, even if you can’t make it, and make some more 3DS friends!

Hopefully we’ll see a lot of you at least at some point in the chat on Sunday! And again, feel free to invite friends! The more the merrier!