First of all, thank you everyone who supports Ginger’s Bread through Patreon. You’re amazing. Every little bit helps and gets me closer to being able to give more focus to the comic and you guys.

I’ve gone ahead and updated the Patreon page with some new rewards and tiers. I was thinking how awesome it is that folks are pledging to the comic each month and was thinking about how we should give them more attention. Well, why not list them on the site? I’ll be setting up a page, going live in May, with the names and ranks of those in Ginger’s Breadite army. (If you don’t pledge, you can still be considered a Breadite, you’re just unlisted.) That’s not to say that if you pledge, you have to be listed, but I’d like the chance to publicly thank you. And some of the tiers will allow you to include a link – so if you have a comic or blog you want to show off you people, here’s one way! One new tier will even put the highest patrons on the front page below the comic for really big thanks!

A new goal we have is at $250, all patrons get a larger version of each update. Which makes them easier to read or examine the art. I’ve really debated lowering the various goals but they’re set for a reason and hitting them allows me to justify taking the time out of work or other tasks to fulfill them. I love working on the comic, which is why I push the Patreon page so much – I want to be able to buy the time to keep doing what I love.

Thanks everyone who is able to pledge and support the comic, and thank you everyone for reading, whether you can pledge or not!