Huh, I kinda forgot about the blog part of this site! Haven’t made a blog post since… May 2014?! Damn. Alright, let’s change that!

I guess the idea is generally for big news and stuff doesn’t get mentioned in the news posts with the comic updates. Well, the big news tends to get there to. For example, if you read the news posts you’d know that Ginger’s Bread is now on Comic Chameleon! It’s the App the have if you like online comics and with over 130 comics on it, there’s bound to be at least a few you like! (Currently on iPhone only but come October 14th, Android users get it too!)

Another bit of news is that Patreon is still a thing and if you can help support the comic financial, please do! I’m going to try to update more often – twice a week – for all of October and into the start of November. Financial support helps mean I can maybe take a day off work one in a while for more comic focus.

Nothing else really at the moment, so I guess a question I have is what – if anything – would readers be interested in me blogging more generally about? I mean, I may start doing a monthly rambling a la this, but if there is something in particular folks are curious for me to write about, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!