A little late, but Happy New Year! Welcome back or maybe even welcome for the first time!

If you haven’t noticed already, the comic is back! It’s been updating Monday-Wednesday-Friday since January 1st and we intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. If you visited the site back in October/November/December, we had a few hiatus comics. Those have been taken down for now and will return, properly numbered, after the story line is done to keep the archive flow cleaner.

You may also have noticed that the site has been redesigned. A big shout out to Frumph for the help on it, I have difficulties with CSS. Take a look around the site! The About page has a summary of the larger story and the starts of an FAQ. There’s also now the much requested Cast page, which doesn’t have nearly as much information on each character as I wanted to write, nor every character, just ones important now/in the long run. The contact page has been moved and added to the “About Cartoonist” page, where there’s some stuff about me written up.

The Breadites! page has gotten a fresh write up as well! There AND in the side bar, you’ll see a link to the Patreon Page I’ve started. Patreon, for those who haven’t heard about it yet, is like an ongoing Kickstarter. You contribute to pay towards a month of updates and can even set it up to donate each month. Payments are collected at the end of the month, so, for example, January’s wallpaper and prints and such will get shipped in early February. One of the big things I’m hoping for this year is to start making some money with the comic so I can justify spending more time on it. Having just gotten back from nearly a year-long hiatus, I’m not expecting we’ll hit any goals right away (although if 20 people get the print, we’ve hit the first one!). The more we raise, the less likely it is we’ll have missed updates or hiatuses in the future! You can see the various individual donation rewards and goal level rewards on the page. A quick note on the “Ask Ginger” bonus updates – something that have shown up on my tumblr in the past – these are for guaranteed updates. Right now I’ll still do updates if/when I have time and/or good asks in the queue.

However, from now on these will be part of Breadites.com – the tumblr of JUST Ginger’s Bread stuff. While my personal tumblr will reblog most of goes up there, this is the place to pose questions for Ask Ginger. There’s also a button for submitting posts. I’m primarily expecting it to be used for fanart (which you can also post to tumblr with a “#Ginger’s Bread” tag), but overall behave with it. The Breadites Tumblr page itself is very basic right now and will be getting treatment after I do some resume and buffer work.

Also off-site, I’ve given Ginger’s Bread a proper page on Google+. You know, if you use Google+.

Pokémon and PokéDay – I wanted to add this on here as well since I’ve been asked about PokéDay a lot since X/Y came out. I’m holding off on PokéDay until some point in February at the earliest because I’m waiting for the PokéBank and giving people a chance to gain access to all the ‘mon they want to. If you missed it, there was a post about Pokémon X/Y in the blog previously – add your Friend Code and I’ll keep adding them as space allows. I’ll also be sitting in game a lot over the next several days (while not actually playing) to try and gather people’s Friend Safari’s if you want to grab mine. I need to double check but I believe it’s full of g-g-g-ghosts.

I think that’s the bulk of it all. Thank you all who have hung around during the hiatus, now is the time to go out and tell people we’re back with more Ginger! I’m really excited to be back and what’s in store for the comic. There’s a lot of great stuff on the horizon and I hope we can share it together!

Thanks for reading!
– Carl