Heya! If you’ve seen tweets and mentions here and there about it, I’ve been some car and computer troubles lately and, coupled with the holidays, am in need of some extra money to pay bills. So I’m opening up commissions for December!


Here are the deets!:

600px x 600 px .png – Social Media Avatar – $10 – Pretty straight forward, I draw you or a character you want for use as an online avatar for your Twitters or whatevers.

8″x10″ 350dpi .tiff – B&W Character – $30 – Single character in black and white, suitable for printing, additional characters $5

8″x10″ 350dpi .tiff – Color Character – $40 – Single character in color, suitable for printing, additional characters $10

Some important notes:

– E-mail me first (Carl -at- GingersBread.com) to go over what you want and if it’s doable before paying. Depending on exact requests with character numbers and whatnot, we want to make sure you’re paying the right price.

– Payment (via paypal, same as e-mail above or the button on the site) is needed before I’ll draw it.

– Please be ready with a reference image if needed. Ya know, particularly if I’m drawing a picture of you or a friend or something! I’m willing to a point to draw other characters other than my own, but again, some reference MAY be needed.

– I’m not doing anything NSFW or TOO crazy involved (say, like, really complex backgrounds). We can talk about limits if you’re unsure about your request.

– Generally will be first come first serve, but let me know if it’s a Christmas gift of not as I’ll give the gifts priority. If you want it by Christmas, contact me no later than December 20th!

– I’ll close commissions if there are too many requests.

Alright, I think that’s everything but I’ll add more if I need to. Thanks all!