Check it out! Guest strips we’ve had!

Jamie Anderson – The Fancy of Adventures of Jack Cannon

Kirk – Kirkwarez

Shane McCarthy – The Space Between

JD Niemand – Stickman and cube

Ryan Karl – Moviehaus/Star Force

Lemuel “Lemmo/Hot Soup” Pew – Blank It!

Christopher Paulsen – Precocious

Tom Deylen – A Space Comic

Erik Amill – Biff the Vampire

J T Wohlenhaus – Between Failures

Tamara – Her Etsy Shop

Sarah Müller

Also Cameos! (Note: Sometimes websites disappear and with them go the cameos so links may not work.)

In Femmegasm – HERE! ALSO HERE!

In The Space Between – HERE! ALSO HERE! And then ANOTHER TIME!

In Farnot – HERE!

In Stickman & Cube – HERE!