So I’m still trying to catch up on Patreon art. Like mentioned before, things were slowed down when I screwed up my hand. I also recently lost a friend of mine, the woman who first hired me as an archaeologist, so that’s been a gut punch (seriously, I have been a fucking wreck, but I’m fighting to get back on track). However, I’m determined to get back on track. I love doing the comic and I don’t wanna stop. So while I redouble the Patreon effort, I want to make sure there’s some kind of update here. Well, because it’s super easy to do, I’m gonna try to at least post Ginger (or others) answering questions asked on tumblr here at least once a week (provided people ask questions). What a link to the question box would be helpful? Here you go, licky style:

I’m also working on scripts and I’m super excited for some of the upcoming comics once I have time to throw down into them fully again.

Thanks for the patience, thanks for reading!