Right, I’m not dead. I’m desperately trying to get things in my life organized so I can make more comics. Because comics!

Part of the problem has been I’ve been extremely busy. For example, I was asked if I wanted to make shirts for the local science march. Guess what? If you’re interested, you can still get them: SciMarchShirts.com I’m pretty happy with them, even if no one bought ’em. ANYWAY, here’s the news you want:

The Comic is returning in July! July 10th, to be specific. And it will be bi-weekly, at least for the moment, because there’s only so much time available to me in a week. Why July? I’m using June to get Patreon all caught up on the past few months of pledge images (so if you want a bunch of wallpapers, and maybe even the choice of some signed prints, now would be a good time to support). I want to get Patreon squared away because I’ve edited the goals a bit. We’ll be back to weekly updates at $300/month, which we’re about halfway to already. I want to make comics, I just need to buy the time to do so and you can help.

As for June, aside from getting the Patreon gifts caught up, I’m going to be getting the upcoming scripts straightened out, cleaned up, and drawn. Woot woot. I’ll also be trying to post some more of the Tumblr asks from the last update (feel free to ask more of Ginger) each week. I have one, like, 2/3rds done that I just hadn’t been able to get to to finish. That will be up the 5th or 6th.

Anyway, that’s the game plan. Let’s make it happen!

Thanks for reading!