Gee, Turtle, couldn’t keep Autumn and Tiffany under control? It, I guess, probably helps if you care. You apparently didn’t even pick up your bag after they threw it in the snow.

Huh, Coralie, that sound like a good idea. I wonder if such a thing already exists…

So, hey, some less than fun stuff happened to me in between comics: I was in a car accident. Everyone is fine, it seems, aside from my car. So I’m looking at a less than grand time getting a new car with little money to afford it. As you can imagine, I’ve spent several days stressed, worried, and less than functional. I’m just trying to give you a head’s up in case there’s a hiccup in updating in the next update or two while I continue to straighten things out. If you can and want to help me get a new vehicle, you can drop me a few dollars on PayPal. Thanks either way!

Thanks for reading!