We’re back! Are we back? I think we’re back. I see Ginger and Coralie and Autumn and Tiffany and Coralie’s friend Turtle… wait, who’s Turtle? New comic, new character, feels good. Thanks for waiting.

We got a fair amount of questions and I have a number of answers half drawn. I’ll be finishing those up and posting them to Tumblr (I’ll add some links here) sometime between now and the next comic. Patreon will likely get them a day early.

Life this year has been hectic, busy, stressful, and annoyingly unhelpful when it comes to making comics. But I’m looking to fix that. For the time being, comics are going to be bi-weekly, so next comic is going to be posted July 24th. You can keep track by following the Twitter, Facebook, the Comic Chameleon app, and (I think) the RSS feed. It will also be up a little early on the Patreon.

Yes, I’m pushing the Patreon a bit because the way to move to more frequent updates is to buy time from the day job, and for that I need your help. But we’ll take our time for now. We’re back and we’re ready to rock. Thanks for waiting.

And Thanks for reading!
~The Patreon~