My comic is full of horrible people. Just an observation.

I’m glad Kelly got to help a little. I mean, Ginger doesn’t exactly need it, but it was good training for her. You’d think Steven would have gotten some training, working for Ginger, but I guess that’s not part of the customer service training. At least everyone is getting an entertaining show! Adam and the bartender really seem into it. I should probably give her a name at some point.

I’m hoping the next comic will be up mid-week or so, but can’t be certain. I plan on steaming a bit tonight (August 31st, 10-ish PM Eastern U.S. time, links to appear on Twitter when it goes down) so you’ll get a chance to see as much of it as I can get done tonight. This will be a public stream unlike the usual Patron pledge level steams. Stop by and we’ll shoot the shit, do some Q&A while I draw, folks can do some Pokémon battles/trades in the chat, whatevers.

Thanks for reading!