Ginger is fucking done with this place. Du Ska Passa Dig, meanwhile, is getting awfully close to being an action one-liner for her. I’m glad we at least got one out of her in this arc. Alt-text explains why Ginger won’t be saying anything. But if you think the owner is getting away with everything, the band folk currently sitting the room don’t give two shits about him…

I apologize profusely for disappearing without a word for about a week. Jury duty aside (which wasn’t too bad), I got hit pretty hard dealing with some personal stuff (mainly a strong bout of depression). I’ve dealt with depression for years and I don’t talk about it much online for a few reasons. One of them is I want to avoid what the webcomics community saw on Thursday on Twitter with another cartoonist. If you missed it/don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not going to get into it now, I don’t have enough authority to speak fully on what happened. I’m fine, by the way. I just needed to step away from the Internet before I said something stupid. Coming back to Twitter to witness it after just coming out of a bout made me all introspective for half the day, but I’m good. What I disliked about this bout of depression was it hit the same week I had jury duty and together they killed everything I was working on.

Speaking of which, I’m reworking the Patreon image for February and plan to post it up on Patreon some point Friday, even it it’s technically March when it gets up. Sorry again, wasn’t plan the first. You can support the comic though and get a pleasant surprise of what the wallpaper/print is! I appreciate every pledge and feel horrible the pledge image isn’t up to see. I also appreciate each and every reader and feel like complete shit when there are missed comics. March will be different.

I’m looking at possible time to do PokéDay in March as well. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!