There’s the end of the arc! Sorry for the added delay on it. In other news, I’ve reached California!

We all knew this arc wasn’t going to end without Johan in a Thor costume somehow. No, it’s not 100% accurate, but if I’m not losing any sleep over it. I was half tempted to put the raccoon in a Loki costume but I felt that would be too much.

So next week, we’ll be starting the Guest Strips/Ask Ginger quickies. This will give me a chance to work on a buffer so we can finally get back on a regular schedule. Mondays will be the Guest Strips, Thursdays will be the Ask Ginger. And if all goes well, after the break, those will be regular comic updates once again. I’m still taking Questions for Ginger (Ginger -at- so if you want to ask her something, go for it.

About the hiatus in general – Having checked in with the office, I can say that taking time to make a buffer is totally the move to make this summer. I’m the only archaeologist on my district at the moment, meaning I’m kind of in charge of the archaeology department. And the piles of work already waiting on my desk don’t seem like a good sign for stress levels. But I’ve got a pile of scripts that I’m going to try to work on in batches on days I’m not going crazy (which I’m going to maximize). I just might not be popping up online a lot and my response time to things will be horribly slowed.

If you’re not interested in the guest strips (you’re going to miss out on some talented folks!) and just want to know when regular comics start back up – Sorry, I don’t have a date for you yet because there are a few more guest strips I may or may not get. You can keep track, though, by following the Twitter or the RSS feed. And I’ll be putting a notice on the site when I know.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the patience!