Finally. Comic. Yay!

So yeah, Steven’s never been shown smoking in the comic because there hasn’t really been a place for it yet. And in Michigan, like a growing number of states, you can no longer smoke inside most businesses, so he’d have to be standing outside and in Michigan that can be stupid cold in Winter. Luckily, he’s not a heavy smoker.

I do like how Steven doesn’t mind speaking up and won’t take bullshit. He’s shown he doesn’t mind being party to it, but he won’t just take it. More on that another time though.

Ginger and Heather have a mildly weird relationship. Trying to see who can mess with the other more. Explains some of Ginger’s weird behavior with her friends. She has an odd way of showing her love.

A note about this update bullshit – A lot of the update issues have been from exhausting myself with job hunt stuff so I can have a job before my unemployment runs out. The fun part is that job hunting is more exhausting than hiking around the mountains for ten hours a day, probably because its more boring. What I’m thinking about doing is weathering through to the end of this arc, trying to get more than a comic a week but updating no less than that, then depending on how things are, officially taking a couple weeks or so of hiatus of just focusing on the comic to get it back on track – maybe run guest strips or something if I have any – then coming back with at least a small buffer so I can more easily do the job hunting and comic side by side. I’d do it sooner but I’d prefer not to be in the middle of an arc when I take a break from updating. I dunno though, I need to think about it still.

So how is everyone doing?