Kid – That doesn’t look very cool! It’s just a My Little Pony!

Sethisto – Not very cool, huh? Try to imagine yourself just outside of Ponyville. You stumble upon one of these ponies as you enter into a clearing. It acts pretty goofy, with walled eyes and mumbling about muffins, and you keep still because you think with her derped eyes she can’t see you. But no, you stare at her and she stares right back… and off into the distance somewhere. And that’s when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side – from the other two ponies you didn’t even know where there. And they come at you with this: a colored beam of friendship, like a rainbow made out of magic. See, they don’t try to act super cool like some shows, they get you with love and tolerance. And maybe from behind with secret butt fun. You see, the point is, you’re taken completely off guard when you start to love them. So try to show a little respect?

Now, to answer the main two questions: 1 – Why is Derpy the Velociraptor? Because she is the best pony and I had this image in my mind and could not stop laughing. That’s why.

2 – What the hell am I talking about? Ponies and Jurassic Park? Look, sometimes I’m crazy and others need to know this for their own entertainment and/or safety.

Because of my frequency watching Jurassic Park, I have the movie memorized. Down to sound effects. And I read/listen to the novel regularly too. So when I first had the idea, I literally had half the story converted within 15 minutes. Some of the ideas I’ve posted here so people not interested don’t have to deal with them.

OTHER STUFF! – HOLY CRAP, that was a warm welcome back with Monday’s comic! There appears to be a lot of opinions on hockey and/or joy that there are updates again! Please, comment on (and share) comics as much as you’d like!

Music! – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, a band with whom I’m sure you’re familiar with me singing praises of, has a new double album out called tape club. You can get it here.

In other music news, my friends in Grex are releasing their second album with a CD release party on Saturday in Oakland, CA. It’s at the Swarm Gallery starting at 9PM and I’ll be there (I hope Rei and Karl don’t mind me mentioning it). So come by for some great music by awesome people, and if you find me, you can ask me for more details on this Equestria Park business!

Thanks so much for reading folks!