Breadites! Ginger calls her customers this. We call our awesome fans this. Instead of a Army of Darkness, you guys are part of an Army of Awesome! What does being a Breadite entail? Being an active fan and continuing to read the comic is enough, but really just the start! There are several ways to help support the comic!

– Let us know you’re out there! Comment on comic! Or at the Facebook Page! Maybe shoot me a Tweet! Or help keep the TV Tropes page for the comic up to date! Those are just some simple ways to just be involved.

– Slightly more involved would be making fanart! You can e-mail or tweet me about it, or maybe submit it to the Breadite Tumblr. (Or post it to Tumblr in general and tag it “Ginger’s Bread”) Be sure to check out fanart others have sent!

– You can help spread the word! Tweet your favorite strips! Reblog the update posts on Tumblr! Like/share on Facebook! Send friends links to the site! Let other people know about it!

Of course, we could use some money here as well. A few bucks would go a long way to help keep comics updating regularly. Here are a few ways to help:

Patreon! Like an ongoing Kickstarter with monthly rewards and bonus content if we raise certain levels each month. Read more about it on the site by clicking the link above or in the side bar. Note – Rewards are sent out the next month (except the behind the scenes stuff) because donations are collected at the end of each month.

– Paypal! Also found in the side bar, use for quick and easy one-time donations. We appreciate the support! But sadly, to keep things more organized, no rewards if you donate through Paypal except the good feeling of knowing you helped out. (We’ll count Paypal donations towards the Patreon monthly goals if we’re close to reaching any though).

– Project Wonderful! Wait, what? Well, aside from buying ad space on the site, if you have a site and don’t have PW for selling ad space or advertising your site, consider signing up via this link here. It’s their Affiliate program, and while I only earn credit through it, that’s money I don’t have to spend whenever I do an ad.

Thanks for reading and for any other way you decide to help out!