Ginger Paulsen

Our star! Quite the baker and unable to secure employment, she took her skills and opened up her own bakery. Strong willed, she (generally) doesn’t take shit from folks. Hypocritically, she’s a bit of a jerk while she, herself, hates jerks. (There’s probably something going on there…) She’s generally laid back or silly, when she’s not stressing herself out. Stress relief tends to be playing Pokémon and/or alcohol. There’s a good chance both will be involved.

Bonus fact: She’s got dual citizenship with the U.S. and Sweden.

Kelly Sutherland

Ginger’s best friend for years and years. They take equal joy from annoying each other. Kelly is also a huge fan of Ginger’s baking. Right now, Kelly is dating Ryan Page. Kelly works as a veterinary assistant for Sean Moore. She loves animals and has an insane amount of her own in her apartment. The spike ball on her head here is her hedgehog Kilgore Trout.

Bonus fact: She’s a big reader of comics, mostly webcomics.

Ryan Page

Ginger’s friend and roommate. Kelly’s boyfriend. Has a creative itch and spends a lot of time either trying to write or trying to act, but hasn’t done much with either. He’s a bit better with numbers and web design and to make ends meet, he begrudgingly works for his father, a man he doesn’t trust, hoping for an opportunity to uncover dark secrets Ryan just knows he has. Currently this work entails being a go-between loan manager for his father and Ginger.

Bonus fact: He has never won a Pokémon battle against Ginger. This may or may not be intentional.


Steven Lo

Ginger’s first employee, he’s the store’s masterful decorator. He’s also part-time drummer in his boyfriend’s band for now. Enjoys working with Ginger and doesn’t have a problem snarking back at her.

Helen “Ellie” Welks

Ellie is one of Ginger’s part timers. She’s clumsy, a little disorganized, a bit slow on the uptake, but tries her hardest. Pretty good baker and currently attending school for it. Ginger hopes to mentor her into a better fit.

Lynn Ciesla

Ginger’s other part timer. This is her second job while also attending classes at the same community college as Ellie. Unsure about Ginger’s antics at first, she’s become disgusted with them after learning Ginger left college despite having free tuition.

Daniel Diamond

Ginger’s landlord! Kinda an old pervy hippie-type dude. But really laid back and well meaning. Seems to know Ryan’s dad and even shares some kind of dubious past with him! Hmm…


Owner and operator of the coffee shop a few doors down from Ginger’s Bread – Whooping Coffee. She has a coffee-for-baked goods deal with Ginger to share business. She’s given Ginger a lot of small business advice but sadly off camera (something that needs to change).

Arthur Jefferies

Art is a friend Ginger made after meeting a couple times at the bar and them sharing unemployment woes. His best friend and hetero life mate is Hugh. Together, they’re just bright enough to get into trouble.

Hugh Norvell

The other half of Those Two Guys consisting of him and Art, he’s by witness accounts the smarter and bossier of the duo. Although as far as smarter goes, it’s not by much. Don’t let the bossiness fool you, he does care for Art like a brother.

Joséphine Balsamo

Daughter of the family that’s run the city for ages through property, politics, and rumor. She’s a veterinarian who works for Sean with Kelly. A bit of an annoying bully to Kelly in high school, she’s trying to earn her friendship now. She’s not real good with normal social skills though.

Robert Day

Ryan’s father, he’s a businessman with growing power in town and, according to Ryan, is up to no good. Despite this, Ginger got a business loan from him for her store when the banks were unhelpful. Currently, he’s working the construction of a new convention center.

Johan Paulsen

Ginger’s dad! He’s a professor of philosophy, comes from Sweden, and is huge. Not much of a fighter (although possessing natural strength), he still gets called Thor by some, to Ginger’s chagrin. Pretty fun guy all around, though.

Heather Paulsen

Ginger’s mom! She’s more where Ginger gets her willingness to fight from. She’s a bit crazy-awesome. She works for a publishing company and takes care of the editing for her husband’s philosophy books. (She’s American, by the way.)

Bianca Balsamo

Joséphine’s sister. Much more keen to be part of the family’s legacy. We haven’t seen much of her yet, but we know she’s not a fan of Robert Day and currently she’s looking into exploiting Ryan somehow to get to him.

Sean Moore

Sean is Kelly and Joséphine’s poor boss. Nervously hiring on Joséphine thanks to “words”, he’s gotten fed up with the bickering of Kelly and Joséphine and has threatened them to work together or find other work. Cool boss overall, but can get serious when need be.

Adam Eastman

Steven’s boyfriend! In the band “Vacations in the Present” with Steven and Noah. We kinda just met him so not much to add just yet!

Noah Boyd

Founded the band “Vacations in the Present” with Adam. Also kind of just met him. We’ll have to expand on this later!

Autumn Pingo

Was part of a girl scout troop that wreaked havoc in Ginger’s shop. Ginger stole her fox hat. Autumn has declared her an enemy ever since. A precocious youth, she refuses to give up until she’s had revenge. She, and some of her known associates, originally come from the comic Precocious(© Christopher Paulsen).