The Comic:

Ginger’s Bread is the story of Ginger Paulsen, a young, fiercely independent woman who after failing to find work in a weakened economy decided it was a good idea to instead open a business that makes use of her skill at baking. As she balances her store and her fondness for having fun with her friends, she’ll need to pay greater attention to the outside forces their influence on business. Might be a while before she notices them though…


Story so far:

-Major arc wise-

We meet Ginger the day she loses her job. After much job hunting and no success, the idea of putting her baking skills to business strikes! Unfortunately, she lacks any capital to do so and the banks aren’t helping. She convinces her roommate Ryan to talk to his well-to-do father, Robert Day, a man Ryan doesn’t trust. Ginger gets a loan from him, conditioned with Ryan needing to work as a manager of the fund until Ginger gets a better understanding of the business.

Meanwhile! Their friend Kelly is now co-workers with a bully/asshole from high school named Joséphine, a daughter of the Balsamo family that through property, politics, and rumor, runs most of the town. She’s largely just annoying now.

Ginger, meanwhile, finds a place to open shop and takes on an employee. And things are going pretty okay. Not great but sustaining. Ryan tries to spend more time on creative efforts. The shop manages to pick up a couple part-time employees (although how great employees they may or may not be is debatable). And Ryan and Kelly start dating! Yep, things are looking up.

Except when Ryan’s dad drops a bombshell that he’s up to something. Something that turns out to a major real estate play with consequences – a major convention center. If the deal goes through, the resulting land value increase would cause a rent increase that would destroy Ginger and her neighbors’ businesses. While the city board and Mr. Day debate the details of the land, Ginger’s landlord comes around to try to plan with Ginger and Ryan a way to survive the financial hit. During this conversation, he let’s slip that he and Day share some sort of sordid past. A pass that involves the Balsamo family as well!

And guess what? Joséphine Balsamo wants to be less annoying and actually build a friendship with Kelly! Who is, of course, doubting the former bully’s conviction. But Kelly accepts Joséphine’s offer to try. So while Ryan tries to figure out what his dad’s past is, Ginger spends free time brainstorming how to save the business while more and more Day gets closer to pushing through a deal.

A deal Joséphine’s sister isn’t too keen on seeing happen. She asks Joséphine to use her budding friendship with Kelly to find out any details Ryan may know about Day’s plans that no one else does. Joséphine learns Ryan knows less than her sister does at the risk of losing her chance at friendship with Kelly and promises to reveal what she knows of the Day-Balsamo past to him to make up for it. Joséphine’s sister, meanwhile, finds Ryan’s lack of knowledge intriguing, and leaves to work on… something…

Last updated – Jan 2014


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does ‘Du Ska Passa Dig’ mean? – It’s Swedish and basically means ‘You better watch yourself’.

That’s… er… kind of the only one we get a lot right now. More as we get them!