Man, no need to be a bit of a dick there, Dan. Juniper can’t help it if she’s a truly good person. Well, I guess he figures if Ginger’s “seen through” his mask, he might as well drop it? But why… Hmm…

Ginger, meanwhile, demonstrates that she pays more attention than she lets on. She can be pretty smart when she actually decides to try.

So hey, sorry about missing last week. I’ve been working a bunch of extra hours at my day job because there are a bunch of deadlines happening lately. Summer is apparently the busy season. I promise, it totally has to do with me working and not playing PokémonGO! I can’t even play PokémonGO, I don’t have a smart phone! AND I’M NOT AT ALL BITTER ABOUT BEING UNABLE TO PLAY IT, I ASSURE YOU! (¬_\) (Ginger totes has a Smartphone and has been playing it, but I don’t know how it’s going for her. … I want to play it so bad!)

Speaking of Pokémon though, I’m super excited for Sun & Moon versions coming out in November. I’m thinking we’ll have to do another PokéDay, maybe some point in January – give folks a chance to get the game for Christmas and play it a bit. Yeah, it’s a long way off, but something to think about. Maybe we should have just a General PokéDay before then. For those unfamiliar, PokéDay is when I host a stream for a bunch of folks to just kind of hang out, chat, trade, and battle. Fill in gaps in your Pokédex, get a chance to battle “Ginger”, and just have fun. Maybe near the end of summer after work settles down a bit but before the new game comes out, we’ll do something. Let me know if there’s interest in this.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!