Whoop, start of a mini sequence of comics that I’m all happy about. Oh hey, the bartender who ripped off Ginger & Co. is back! And she now seems to be delighting in the idea of unleashing Ginger on a bunch of (delightfully diverse!) drunk college dipshits. Something tells me that she’s not the nicest person. I like her.

Sorry about the update kerfuffle here. Real Lifeā„¢ has been a total – and this phrase has been used a lot at work the past two weeks – shit show. For example, as of this afternoon, 3 of the 4 vehicles we’ve got are damaged in some way. And that’s just part of everything. But I don’t want to start whining here.

While I’d like to work on the next strip immediately, I do need to spend the next day on resume stuff so the next comic will be up probably Monday providing the shit show doesn’t worsen this week. Just giving you all a head’s up.

Thanks for reading!