Foxes! We sure have learned a lot here today, huh? Ginger has given me a note her to answer “What does the fox say?” as she was interrupted in the comic before we got that far. Here we go:

“‘What does the fox say?’ Foxes have a variety of calls, barks, and cries, all of which are awesome, some downright adorable, and none of them as dumb as what those idiotic Norwegians sang. Let’s move on, shall we?”

Thanks Ginger! She should try teaching sometime. I think she’d do well.

Panel 2 is my favorite drawing of Ginger ever at the moment. She’s also in top form with her people skills.

UPDATE NOTES: Head’s up – For at least May and probably part of June, I’ll be updating once a week as I work back into this. Move isn’t complete since most of my stuff is elsewhere in the country so I’m making due as best I can. I really want to get back to the comics though. I’m glad I held off on starting the next arc until after this move. We’re working to get back to two updates a week again soon so we can jump onto the story.

The guest strips are now in the Guest Strips part of the site! THANK YOU for those who sent strips in for use! There are a couple of unused strips there (plus some oldies you may not have seen in a while) so check out the page.

New comic sometime next week. Thanks for reading!