Not dead! Just moving still. But that’s finally winding down. Mostly. Kinda. I’m moved in and getting Internet set up and what not, I just don’t have all my stuff. That’s a few thousand miles away. But I’ll make due! Once Internet is properly set up, I can hopefully get back to work proper.

In fact, we’re HOPEFULLY going to be back to regular comics next Monday (I told Patrons we’d be back May 1st but we’re pushing that back because of shit getting in the way). Instead of jumping into the next bit of story, gonna do a couple more one-shots, trying to get back into the swing of things. This week, we’ll post one more guest strip on Thursday. I’ve been sitting on a couple but haven’t been able to do full Internet access to upload them. Thanks for those sending them in, but at this point we kind of want to get back to regular updates. I’ll post the unused ones on the Guest Strip page with the ones we’ve had after regular updates return.

Again, sorry for the radio silence and the delays. Moving is a bitch.

Thanks for reading!