Team Rocket is still my favorite Team. Originally, the script for this comic was the Team Rocket motto straight up (which I still know from memory) but I felt it better if the girls modify it a bit for the situation. Kelly’s into this, she’s ready to go. “Wait, aren’t Team Rocket the bad guys?” Look, I’m not going to worry about this because I’m having too much fun. The girls already had the costumes, the hell wouldn’t they use them? Anyway, I’m sure the group of college drunks will surrender and leave peacefully. Right?

I don’t have an image ready, expect it mid-week, but this month’s Patreon wallpaper/print will be the girls in their Team Rocket gear. I’ll post that around when I have it ready.

The Shit Show taking place at work continues as the forest is on fire again. Good times. Still going to try to get the next comics made as soon as I can because I am GIDDY for them.

Thanks for reading!