What? A comic?? WHAT?? I want some muffins. Ginger, give me some muffins. (Random comment: I really like panels 2 and 4.)

Let’s not get too too excited, we’re not QUITE back to regular updates. Especially because the last thing I want to do is make Ryan and Dan’s conversation crawl. So I’m going to take a quick moment here and explain what happened and what’s up ahead. Because I’m a damned fool who won’t give up on making this comic.

Here’s the skinny:

2017 has not been an easy year, it’s been both mentally and physically exhausting, and when something had to give, it unfortunately was the comic (which, hilariously, proceeded to stress me even more). For example, if you recall a number of months back, I was in a car accident that killed my car. Getting a new car was a huge, unplanned expense. And with a new used car, you get all the fun of learning what noises mean things are breaking and the fun expenses that go along with that. So I’ve put a lot of time into trying to find either better paying work or additional part time work that fits my schedule to help with all these new expenses. And that’s just one part of it. I’m not going to list off everything from this year, I don’t want to make excuses and bum folks out. I’m just trying to say it’s been a less than stellar year and I’m going to be glad to see it over. Hell, we missed the comic’s ninth birthday back on November 10th! I was trying to get something made for that update and life found a way to stop it. (Happy birthday, Ginger!)

2018, I’m hoping for at least the comic, will be much better. I want to spend December here and at least part of January doing two big things: 1) Get caught up on some Patreon stuff. Including a bunch of wallpapers and bonus art and such. 2) Get something of a buffer made again so I can take the hits of a crazy year if it comes to it. I hope to have the next 15 comics, if not completed, in various stages of production before making updates again. Hell, I may even change that to 25. Because when I decided on 15 two days ago, I didn’t know I’d have 12 scripts written now. Off to a strong start. So I plan to post updates here and on Patreon about how the status of things are moving at least every couple of weeks (maybe even more so on Patreon because those of you following me there have been incredibly kind to keep up the support. Love ya! <3) Closer to the return proper, I'll have some other details about what's planned. Thank you all for sticking around, those still here anyway, and I'm looking forward to getting back on track. Like I said, I'm too stupid to give up on making Ginger's Bread, so look forward to me continuing to try to make it. Thanks for reading!