Kelly getting in on the action! Not that, you know, Ginger needs the help or anything. But I’m sure she appreciates it.

I’m again sorry about the updates lately. For those who don’t know, I work full time as an archaeologist, which is amazing but also exhausting. This summer in particular involves 50 hour work weeks. So I spend most of the week mentally and physically drained. I’m currently working on some stuff on the back end to enable a return to more regular updates of some kind, but it’s difficult. If the Patreon can hit $250/month though, I can at least take off one day a month to devout to resting up/focusing on the comic, so consider helping support the comic there if you can.

The Team Rocket print that was last month’s Patreon reward image, I’ve decided I will offer up for a one-time break from format. If you Paypal $25, ($30 outside of the US), I’ll send you a signed print. You just won’t get the other Patreon rewards. I’ll make some extra prints (probably between 5 and 10) than are going out to Patrons and this offer will stand until they’re gone. I’ll add the sale of these to the Patreon total for that month as far as trying to “buy” a day off work so I can give the comic some love.

Next comic will be up when I can finish it, hopefully sooner than later.

Thanks for reading!