Welcome to a Thursday update! Oh look! Some of the buildings show up again! In case you forgot what they look like. Thanks Ginger!

HEY! HEY! If you missed the news Monday or my various tweets about it: Ginger’s Bread is now on Comic Chameleon – the best app for webcomics! (Currently only available on iPhone but Oct 14 Android users can get in on the action!) So totally check it out if that kind of thing interests you! There’s over 130 comics on there so there’s bound to be something you like!

And if you’re checking out the site after discovering the comic on Comic Chameleon: WELCOME! Please feel free to leave comments and hang out. Most of the folks here are pretty cool. At least, we try to be. And now you’re here too! Congratulations on becoming cooler!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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