Panel 5 is the greatest thing I’ve ever drawn. Some version of that has been suggested as the Patreon print/wallpaper for September and I think this is going to happen.

Kelly reads a lot of webcomics. I should probably mention more with that. Ginger finds her geeky outlets elsewhere, aside from the occasional link from Kelly and a few she reads. And a confession: I’ve never read Homestuck. I mean, I’ve attempted to a couple times but it wasn’t happening. Ginger’s annoyance with the Homestuck Girl is more that yet another teen has interrupted a conversation she’s having with Kelly. Her greater crime was sassing Jurassic Park. Ginger was kind to just educate her.

Real Talk: I could probably give the DAYS LONG LECTURE about Jurassic Park. I mean, really, we’re talking the novels as well as the movies and probably some commentary about the various games. (God dammit, the game from TellTale Games pissed me off…) And for the record, Greg (of the occasion #GregFacts tweets and occasional comic script editing) is just as prolific in Jurassic Park discussions.

And because I know there will be questions about it; Ginger’s assertion (read: FACT) in the last panel is something else that’s true – True both in story context and in a meta-textual sense. Short version is – In story, John Hammond – who is not a scientist – wanted REAL dinosaurs, but REAL to his 1980′s knowledge. He would have instructed Wu to remove the feathers from the dinosaurs as obviously the feathers were the result of a fuck up on Wu’s part in using avian DNA to fix the gaps. Meta-textually, adding feathers to the dinosaurs at this point is ridiculous because the animals created for the park and at Site B are descended from the featherless dinos of the first two films and wouldn’t have “evolved” feathers over the past few years. They’re also iconic to the franchise now, scientific accuracy has nothing to do with that. Bitch about non-Jurassic Park media being featherless at this point, as they’ve failed their research.

As for Jurassic World – That’s all I know about it. The title. And that’s by choice. I refuse to learn anything about the movie until I see it. Not just because of spoilers but because I enjoy Jurassic Park too much. If I learn something about it, I’m going to over think it and if it’s an idea I like, I’m going to be disappointed if it’s poorly executed or if it’s a stupid idea, I’m going to be too focused on it to be able to enjoy other aspects. Going in as blind as possible is my only hope to enjoy it. So don’t tell me anything about it, okay? Thanks.

Okay, I’m going to stop now. I don’t have the PowerPoints ready.

Thanks for reading!