Finally, a new comic! And yes, I know Tuxedo Mask isn’t exactly a Phantom Thief. And that the whole concept is weird and kinda stupid. But it’s a comic less about the concept discussed and more about FRIENDSHIP. This is the kind of dumb jokes friends make. I know, because this was a dumb joke me and a friend made.

Updates over the next few weeks are going to be sporadic because I need to reassess everything going on, re-organize, and start working ahead. I want to be making these comics again more than you want to read them.

But before I get back to that, here’s what I know EVERYONE (i.e. no one) is really curious about!

No Spoilers going on here just a simple review. If you follow me on Twitter, saw a couple of my posts on Tumblr, or had the misfortune of running into on the street, you already know my opinion: This movie is fucking garbage. Ginger won’t be reviewing it in the comic any time soon because I don’t want to spoil anything nor do I want write that 900 page rant intermixed with her beating the director to a pulp. I went in with no expectations and without any fore knowledge: I succeeded in avoiding trailers and details before hand! And I TRIED to enjoy it! And I was thoroughly let down and have just gotten angrier every day since seeing it when I think about it. And I’m glad I didn’t see anything before going in. Watching trailers afterwards, I would have been angry from them alone and wouldn’t have been able to find the tidbits of pleasure I managed to. Anyway, a lot of people seem to love it, and Ginger and I are disappointed in you all.

Anyway, next comic as soon as I can! I’m thinking two or three more before I finally get back to the next story bit. I want to make sure it’s all written first.

Thanks for reading!