I fully understand that this comic is a little over-the-top, even for Ginger’s violent side and I don’t care because I found it funny. It would be even funnier if I regularly updated Ginger’s Twitter. I’ll have to get back to doing that at some point.

On a Meta level though, there’s some bonus fun! If you don’t recognize them, the poor saps facing Ginger’s wrath are Thomas and Carol from the excellent Between Failures. The meta joke comes in from JT actually stealing my directionary joke for a tweet, thus cementing himself as history’s GREATEST MONSTER!

A quick #GregFacts – Greg, from my #GregFacts tweets is the friend who typo-ed “Directionary” so many years ago and from whom I stole the joke first (if it counts as stealing, being part of that original conversation.) So Greg gets to experience a Double Meta level of humor or something.


There are only two updates this week. This one and one on Friday. For the next month, updates will be dicey (I’m going to try to get some guest strips or something figured out if I can to ease the pain). Ya see, I’ve been helping my parents prep a house for sale. And it’s sold. And now I have to help them prep to move in the next few weeks. During which I also have to prep to drive across country again. I’m going to do my best to maintain regular updates, but expect a couple two-comic weeks along the way here. Friday’s comic is planned to be pretty cool though (if I can make it as cool as I dream it…). And this week I’m also working on April’s pledge image for Patreon backers. So look forward to all that. Thanks for the patience.

Thanks for reading!