I’ve had many similar conversations with people due to my thinness and youthful visage. In the past 3 months, at least 5 people have been convinced I was 19 instead of over 30. So, ya know, I’ve got THAT going for me. It’s never been the source of people claiming me being the devil though, that customer is just getting weird. I usually tell people I’m a Highlander and let them figure it out.

For those keeping track, Ginger should be 30-years-old as her birthday is November 10, 1984 but because of how comic updates work, I switched to a “sliding timeline” some time ago wherein time in the comic moves as convenient but we totes get the tech upgrades as needed for continues Pok√©mon comics.

Hey! I’m going to go to the Red Wings game tonight (Thursday, February 26th in case you see this later and are confused) in San Jose against the Sharks. I hope against hope that I see a Sharks fan dressed as one of the Halftime Show Sharks because that would make my night. If they were to adopt those sharks as their mascot, I would like the San Jose Sharks more than I do (which is very little). As it stands, I’ll be at the game in a Red Wings jersey and Team Sweden scarf, so, ya know, watch the game on TV if you aren’t there. Maybe you’ll see me. You can laugh at my face.

Thanks for reading!